Our procedure is as follows:
1. Buyer complete the form of Letter of Intent (LOI) with full banking details and permission for a Soft Probe. Please fill in the following Letter of Intent: Inter Impex LOI
2. Seller issues Full Corporate Offer (FCO).
3. Buyer signs and returns FCO with banking details.
4. Seller issues Draft Contract.
5. Buyer signs and returns Draft Contract.
6. Parties exchange, agree and signs Final Contract.
7. Sellers bank confirms proof of product (POP) and the availability of Performance Bond (PB) as well as their readiness to issue it, to Buyers bank.
8. Buyers bank confirms proof of fund (POF) and the availability of L/C as well as their readiness to issue L/C to Sellers bank.
9. Seller issues 2% PB.
10. Buyer issues L/C within 48 hours of receiving PB.
11. Delivery commences as per contract.